Here’s Why Your Business Should Invest in SMS Marketing

sms on phone
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Recognized as one of the most prominent communication tools today, text messaging services are a must-use across industries of all kinds. As a critical tool many businesses are using to their advantage, this communication method has been recognized as a game-changer. With the highest open rates among all marketing strategies, text messaging services yield valuable opportunities worth cashing in on. 

In today’s consumer landscape, where buyers are more dependent on their smartphones than ever, text messaging allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers. When used correctly, text messages can help increase the rates of actionable results and generate the momentum necessary for success.

But what exactly do you get out of business text messaging?

The Benefits of SMS Marketing 

At this point, you’re probably wondering why you need to invest in another marketing strategy on top of the multiple ones you’re already working on. Beyond social media, SEO, and other methods, business SMS marketing offers a completely new dimension of promotions and benefits, many of which can further elevate the impact of your efforts. 

With the help of a professional service like Main Street Contact, your business can stand to enjoy these benefits and yield more profits and conversions:

Benefit #1: SMS Marketing Easily Cuts through Communication Barriers

One of the biggest challenges of modern marketing is that today’s consumers are exposed to many different visual elements, which is further worsened by shrinking attention spans. With these hurdles, it becomes much more difficult for businesses to communicate their messages without getting cut off. Fortunately, SMS marketing rarely suffers the same fate. 

When you communicate offers and promos through text messages, you get your message through without worrying about it getting lost amid the scramble of social media and other online feeds. Text messages grab much more attention because phones are programmed to show them first, cutting through communication barriers, in the process!

Benefit #2: SMS Marketing Allows You to Achieve Better Sales Funnel Mobility

SMS marketing makes it much easier to reply quickly to customers who are either inquiring, requesting a sales quote, or ordering your products or services. Instead of going through a lengthy process of sending long replies back and verifying details, a text messaging service will keep things brief with automated messages (also known as autoresponders).  

This way, your prospects will move down the sales funnel at a faster rate! 

Benefit #3: SMS Marketing Makes Building Relationships Easier

Taking a page out of the email marketing playbook, businesses have used text messaging and SMS marketing to their advantage with one practice: building better CRM processes. 

Text messaging provides a significant advantage because it leaves room to understand customer needs. You have the valuable opportunity to improve your relationship with your customers as you can link seamlessly with established CRM platforms and easily leave useful notes on various contacts!


SMS marketing has proven to be one of the most impactful marketing measures worth investing in. Through the help of this method, you can enjoy an assortment of benefits rarely found with other solutions. You are sure to stand out from your competition and build great relationships with your customers.

With smartphones becoming as essential as food and water for most people, now is the time to capitalize on SMS marketing’s power. If you want to work with the best text messaging service for business in the United States, be sure to connect with Main Street Contact today to learn more about how we can best serve you!